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Advertisements placed on WIBW-TV and wibw.com reach the largest audiences in Northeast Kansas every day. But those aren’t the only resources 13 Marketing offers to help your business grow. From tv commercials to full-scale website design and maintenance, we do it all. But only if you need it all.

We aren’t here to sell you something you don’t need. Our experienced team of local consultants tackle your specific business goals by tapping into the latest online and TV research tools. We create efficient and effective marketing campaigns by targeting the specific audiences you want to reach. You shouldn’t buy marketing solutions you don’t need. Let’s find the right mix for you!

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We always ask our new customers how they found us. 9 times out of 10 they say they see us on TV. Since WIBW is the only tv station we advertise on, I know that wibw works great for us. We have been advertising with WIBW for 10 years; since we’ve been in business. If it wasn’t for advertising with WIBW (13Marketing) we wouldn’t of had a way to get out to the public. We had missed the deadline with the yellow pages, so WIBW was our main source of getting in front of potential customers. It worked so well, we are still on an advertising schedule today.
Mike Carmona, Carmona Comfort Air, Inc.
We realized we were a local business and didn’t really have a way to get a name out and we always felt like if we could show people or have them experience our business that they would come back. We felt like with TV being able to show people what we do I think that put us in a better situation and it has. (13Marketing) came out and really just sat down and listened to me as far as what I wanted to promote and what I wanted to do. From there we developed a plan. (13Marketing) came up with the commercials and came out and shot some footage. Pretty painless! At first I was a little apprehensive with (13Marketing) being so focused in the ad. I felt like I needed to tell more of the story. Man, that really has helped! Being focused and helping (13Marketing) pick out a segment of our business that did well really helped me over the broad approach we had been doing in the past. I thought (13Marketing’s) advice on that was very good.
Chad Bullock, Premier Farm & Home